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Finding and Securing Motorsports Sponsorships

October 23, 2022

Motorsports Marketing and Sponsorships Solutions

Securing sponsorship is a long and complicated process, and sometimes takes years to build a large-budget program. NLR is dedicated to helping racers create an individualized plan that delivers unique marketing opportunities for sponsors. 

Neverlift Racing is a marketing extension for race teams to help secure endemic and non-endemic business sponsorships. We provide value and creative marketing solutions for brands in motorsports.

We have a background in motorsports and 15 years of experience in digital marketing, branding, product development, and business startups. Our deep understanding of motorsports and marketing allows us to bridge the gap between racers securing sponsorships, and providing brands with value and ROI.

Solutions we offer racers:

  • Understanding your current situation, pain points, current operations, and future goals
  • Improve current marketing plan and sponsorship deals
  • New Sponsorship research and discovery (endemic and non-endemic) 
  • Deep dive into potential sponsors and understand their marketing goals.
  • Create a partnership foundation 
  • Create clarity and understanding of what businesses need from sponsorships
  • Finding new marketing opportunities
  • Creative strategies to promote products or services
  • Race team creative design strategy
  • Website setup and design
  • Team merchandise sales integration with the website
  • Identifying B2B collaborations and opportunities
  • Trackside support
  • Fan activation for sponsors at race events 
  • Race track pit hospitality and VIP plans 
  • Personalized Marketing plans to propose to sponsors
  • Social media organic content strategies 
  • Paid Social media ads strategies 
  • Email marketing and list growth strategies 

This program isn’t for everyone and not every racer will be able to work with NLR. This takes a lot of time, work, and dedication.  

This program IS probably for you if any of the following applies:

  • Want to grow your race program, but are not sure where to start
  • Want to understand how to provide the most value and return to sponsors
  • Willing to grow their social media presence, and personal brand
  • Committed to doing what it takes to fulfill your contract duties from sponsors
  • Open to new ideas, and trying new marketing tactics
  • Have patience and understanding that the sponsorship process can be long and sometimes frustrating when searching for sponsorship partners.
  • Willing to invest in hiring a marketing consultant to help grow your race program

This program is probably NOT for you if any of the following applies:

  • Don’t want to post on social media, or have no desire to market a product or service
  • Looking for someone to do all the work for you and just collect the sponsorship check.
  • Not open to trying new ideas, and stuck in the “ we always did it like that mentality”
  • Can’t commit to agreed contract terms and do what's expected on your part to fulfill the contract duties
  • You don’t think product sponsorships are good enough to start building a relationship with sponsors.
  • Only cares about funding their race program, not what value they can provide to the company investing in them. 
  • Not willing to invest in hiring a marketing consultant to help grow your race program
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